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Friday, October 4

9:50am CDT

Dynamic Reteaming: Acknowledge Reality, Chart Your Path
Let's debunk the myth that you must keep teams stable or "the same" in order to have a successful company. Changing teams can help reduce the risk of attrition, learning & career stagnation, and the development of knowledge silos. Heidi will share original case studies from companies that enable dynamic change to their teams propelled by retrospectives and other humanistic practices.

In this talk, you'll learn tips and tricks for building a sustainable company by changing teams  whether it's by growing and splitting teams, merging teams, seeding teams, adding new people across multiple teams, and more. She'll also share reteaming anti-patterns and what not to do.

avatar for HEIDI HELFAND


Director of Product & Technology Excellence, Procore Technologies
Heidi Helfand is author of the book Dynamic Reteaming. She coaches software development teams using practical, people-focused techniques, with the goal of building resilient organizations as they double and triple in size. Heidi is currently Director of Product & Technology Excellence... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 9:50am - 10:50am CDT
Room H

9:50am CDT

Not Your Father's Retrospective!
Are you tired of Start-Stop-Continue?  Has someone on your team suggested doing away with retrospectives? Do you need to inject variety?  Can there be more to retrospectives than just improving your development process?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you should attend this workshop.

We begin with an exercise that helps us understand why we have retrospectives. Learn about two important categories of retrospectives that are routinely overlooked by teams. Review why retrospectives often fail and receive concrete advice to avoid this outcome.

Get introduced to three retrospective exercises that most teams have never used:
  • We rocked the house! (Inject old, yes old, thinking)
  •  A value-able exercise (Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.)
  •  Climb the mountain  (Chart your path to your goal).
Leave with actionable techniques for improving your team through innovative retrospectives.

avatar for Scott Killen

Scott Killen

Agile Coach, NetSpend
Scott Killen is an Agile Coach for Netspend. He tries to forget that, at one time or another, he's held CSM, CSP, PMP, SPC and CSQE certifications. Of more note, he's taught and mentored many, many hundreds of people fundamental and advanced Agile development skills in corporate... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 9:50am - 10:50am CDT
Room A & B
  Agile Teams

11:10am CDT

Agile Meets Mindfulness Workshop
Many companies are introducing Mindfulness based programs to their employees. These programs have proven highly successful. The main benefits of Mindfulness are raised emotional intelligence, greater self-awareness, and improved focus. This activity-based workshop will give you a taste of what Mindfulness is while exploring its connection to the Agile Mindset. We will dive into the science behind Mindfulness and its many benefits. You will be challenged to look at the world differently and you will learn several techniques you can use to either establish or reinforce your own Mindfulness practice. This workshop is for you if you've ever thought that some doors can only be opened from the inside.

avatar for Wayde Stallmann

Wayde Stallmann

Agile Coach, World Wide Technology
Wayde is an Agile Coach at World Wide Technology. He has a passion for developing Great Team Players using the same techniques as Improv and Mindfulness teachers. Wayde has developed software for over 20 years, concentrating on Java since 1999. He is an XP practitioner and former... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 11:10am - 12:10pm CDT
Room C

11:10am CDT

Does Your Team Need a Detox?
Does your team bring the goods but feel bad? Shouldn't teamwork be supportive, collaborative, and friendly? Reality check: even high performing teams will eventually have conflict and disagreement. But when a team turns toxic, good results won't last. There are four sources of team toxins - and your ability to understand and neutralize these combustible agents help you achieve a happy, challenging, and empowering work life - and a great scrum team.

In this session, Leland and Heather will introduce you to four toxins that often poison teams and organizations. They'll talk about how to identify them, the root cause of the toxic behavior, and some common antidotes that can help you manage the toxins successfully, so you have a healthy team environment that is fun, supportive, and collaborative.

avatar for Heather Canedo

Heather Canedo

Lead Scrum Master, WellSky
Heather Canedo is relatively new on her Agile journey, and has been a ScrumMaster at WellSky for 2.5 years.
avatar for Leland Newsom

Leland Newsom

Scrum Master, Emerson Automation Solutions
Leland Newsom has 20+ years of industry experience as a software developer, manager, managing director, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach. He coaches in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and DevOps and leads teams and organizations in their Agile and DevOps journeys. He is currently employed... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 11:10am - 12:10pm CDT
Room G

1:35pm CDT

How to Get Answers to Powerful Coaching Questions
Powerful questions are excellent tools for any Agile practitioner, but they carry a big punch. "Why” might be the smallest among them, but it often has the biggest thrash and churn when it is asked. It goes deep to the heart of the matter, and it can get uncomfortable for the person receiving it. If you aren’t careful, a powerful question like "why" can shut down the conversation. In this session, David and Erin will get to the root of just how answering questions can be so difficult. They will help you modify questions like “why” to make them less threatening and easier to receive. By the time you leave, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the art of interrogation, tools for modifying your own questions to make them more accessible, and hands-on practice to apply what you've learned and understand its impact.

avatar for David Staab

David Staab

Trust Architect, Starling Teams
David Staab is a true hybrid, having succeeded as a software architect, team leader, business owner, and career coach. His approach to any role is to develop and inspire his teammates, serving as a multiplier effect on teams’ outputs. As a linguist and polyglot, he focuses on the... Read More →
avatar for Erin Randall

Erin Randall

Agile Coach/Scrum Master, Charles Schwab
Erin Randall is a longtime Agile coach and Scrum Master with a deep passion for helping teams transform from humdrum to remarkable. She grounds her work in foundational Agile principles, coaching people and teams  to greater group cohesiveness. Her goal is to help teams find joy... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 1:35pm - 2:35pm CDT
Room F

1:35pm CDT

Using Improv to Improve Agile Teams
Learn improv techniques and try out some silly (and fun!) games to help your team collaborate, build trust, and become more adventurous.

Warning: If you do not like fun and games, this is not the session for you. If you're still reading, here's what we will cover:
  • We will learn about the first principle of improv -- "Yes, and." This principle is crucially important as it helps teams build trust and creativity.
  •  We will create a few improvised scenes and embrace our failures by "wiping" the scene.
  • We will see how the ideas of a group are better (and more fun!) than the ideas of a single person.

Throughout this session, we will practice loads of quick, silly, and effective games that bring fun and variety to team ceremonies.

avatar for Erika Flora

Erika Flora

Principal, BEYOND20
Erika Flora, CSP-SM, CSP-PO is an experienced advisor, instructor, and Agile Coach across a variety of industries and sectors. She started her career as a Microbiologist turned Project Manager and has always had a passion for improving how companies manage work, deliver great products... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 1:35pm - 2:35pm CDT
Room H
  Agile Teams

2:55pm CDT

Rise of the Relationship Worker: Networking Skills for Engineers
In the six decades since its first usage, the term Knowledge Worker has become synonymous with Software Engineers. With an almost singular emphasis on STEM skills and an excused lack of people skills, the reputation of the successful software engineer evolved into that of the genius in a cubicle. Two factors have caused us to re-examine the relative importance of hard and soft skills in Software Engineering. First, the very nature of how we produce software changed dramatically with the advent of Agile practices compelling us to develop software…socially. Second, Automation and AI are reshaping the tasks which can be performed by machines putting even more emphasis on soft skills. This confluence doesn't diminish the demand for Engineers. According to Geoff Colvin, tomorrow’s most valuable engineers will not be geniuses in cubicles; rather, they’ll be those who can also build relationships and collaborate. Colvin calls these Relationship Workers.
So how do we as test engineers thrive in an environment where we were never taught, nor encouraged to develop, these skills? Join Geoff as he goes beyond the "whys" and explores the "hows" of relationship building such as establishing a "How can I help?" mindset and other tips and tricks that he's gathered from the research of contemporaries such as Simon Sinek, Geoff Colvin, and Rob Lambert and his own personal and professional experiences in his 35+ years in software engineering.

avatar for Geoff Meyer

Geoff Meyer

Test Architect, Dell EMC
Geoff Meyer is a Test Architect in the Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions Group and has 35 years of industry experience as a software developer, manager, program manager, and director. He drives the Test Strategy and Architecture for 400+ SW and HW Testers across India, Taiwan, and... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 2:55pm - 3:55pm CDT
Room G

4:15pm CDT

Stop Coachsplaining!
As Agile Coaches we straddle the fine line between "expert" and "coach". We work tirelessly to create the right environment and ask the best questions to unlock the goodness in those around us. Sometimes, though, we get asked a question or facilitate something, and we forget. We get excited. We get on a roll and jump into expert mode and forget to come back up for air. We start "coachsplaining".

In this workshop, we will discover how to probe continuously to ensure we are still listening and questioning when we are in a mentoring conversation.

avatar for Reese Schmit

Reese Schmit

Sr. Agile Coach, Agile Velocity
Reese Schmit is a Sr. Agile Coach at Agile Velocity. Over the past 15 years, she's done just about every job in the software industry, from User Experience Designer to Product Manager, QA Engineer to Scrum Master. This varied experience has taught her to frame problems from different... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 4:15pm - 5:15pm CDT
Room F

4:15pm CDT

The Nitty-Gritty Practices of Agile Coaching
How do you coach a team from showing progress every two weeks to delivering multiple times a day? Research has shown that utilizing the right kind of metrics can promote a generative culture – creating a space where people want to continuously improve and innovate.

Allison Pollard will blend her stories with an interactive workshop where you will leave with practices that you can implement with your teams the next day. Regardless of your job title, learn how to ally with four key delivery metrics to inspire new thinking and practices from your teams.

avatar for Allison Pollard

Allison Pollard

Leadership and Team Coach/Trainer
Allison Pollard is a coach, consultant, and trainer who brings the power of relationship systems intelligence to go beyond tasks, roles, and frameworks to create energy for change. She engages with people and teams in a down-to-earth way to build trust and listen for signals to help... Read More →

Friday October 4, 2019 4:15pm - 5:15pm CDT
Room C
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