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Friday, October 4


Keynote JW Marriott AustinMoriba Jah An Appreciation of Agile from the CEO's Seat! JW Marriott AustinJoyce Durst Austin Women in Agile: Lean Espresso Round Tables JW Marriott AustinErin Randall • Mindy Honcoop • Taylor Frank • Sydney Markle • Kate Kolchier Behind the Agile Curtain: Why Leaders Choose Agility JW Marriott AustinErik Cottrell • Ron Dovich • Amy Green-Hinojosa • Nicole Tanzillo Driving Flow, Value, and Innovation with the Agile VMO JW Marriott AustinSanjiv Augustine When to Promote, Encourage or Fire Your ScrumMaster JW Marriott AustinJason Morillo Whoever Fails Fastest - Wins JW Marriott AustinMatt Lasater Agile Meets Mindfulness Workshop JW Marriott AustinWayde Stallmann Does Your Team Need a Detox? JW Marriott AustinHeather Castille • Leland Newsome Dynamic Reteaming: Acknowledge Reality, Chart Your Path JW Marriott AustinHeidi Helfand How to Get Answers to Powerful Coaching Questions JW Marriott AustinDavid Staab • Erin Randall Not Your Father's Retrospective! JW Marriott AustinScott Killen Psychological Safety: You've Heard of It, Here's How to Actually Create It JW Marriott AustinYvonne Chen Stop Coachsplaining! JW Marriott AustinReese Schmit The Nitty-Gritty Practices of Agile Coaching JW Marriott AustinAllison Pollard • Qarina Mannaf Using Improv to Improve Agile Teams JW Marriott AustinErika Flora "He's Going Vertical. So Am I" - Making and Keeping Your User Stories Vertical JW Marriott AustinMark Ulferts • Melissa Ugiansky Innovation Through Customer Co-creation JW Marriott AustinShahin Sheidaei • Carlos Oliveira Introducing the Roadmap Wall: Building Alignment and Buy-In at All Levels of Your Organization JW Marriott AustinChris Shinkle Measuring Customer Success: I Paid You for My Problem NOT for Your Feature JW Marriott AustinKalpesh Shah Pictures Are Easy, Words Are Hard: Give Context to Your User Stories with Visual Models JW Marriott AustinAmanda Cardenas Understand Your Stakeholders and Their Journey JW Marriott AustinBetsy Stockdale Value Stream Mapping: Seeing and Improving Your Product Flow and Process JW Marriott AustinEarl Everett Value Streams at the Tipping Point: Remaking Organizations and Putting Value First JW Marriott AustinBob Payne Agile Development and the Era of Quality Intelligence JW Marriott AustinDan Belcher Attacking Things Incrementally JW Marriott AustinWalter Bodwell Cognitive Automation: Applying AI to Tasks Within the SDLC JW Marriott AustinGeoff Meyer Help! I Am in Drowning in Two Weeks Sprints....Please Tell Me What NOT to Test! JW Marriott AustinMary Thorn The Three Keys to Driving DevOps Adoption JW Marriott AustinLeon Sabarsky All the Sugar and Twice the Caffeine: Applying Design Thinking Within an Agile Transformation JW Marriott AustinMary Grace Francisco • Andy Switzky Are We There Yet? How to Know You Have Achieved Agility JW Marriott AustinDavid Hawks How To Avoid A Toxic Transformation JW Marriott AustinBrian Milner Make Shift Happen: Harnessing Culture for Change JW Marriott AustinSteven Martin Organizational Transformation JW Marriott AustinMike Cottmeyer Scaling Agile - Having It YOUR Way JW Marriott AustinBob Galen • Mary Thorn The Most Essential Ingredient for An Agile Transformation JW Marriott AustinMax Ekesi